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A Day in the Life of a Country G.P. by Mackie, Dr Lewis
A Fettercairn Loon by Blackhall, Sheena
A Question o Mainners by Middleton, Ian
Aberdeen of Old by Forsyth, William
Ae Mair Hairst by Garry, Flora
Aiberdeen The Day by Mackie, Alastair
Ave Atque Vale by Morrice, Ken


Bandy's Roup by Wright, James
Bonfire Nicht by Glennie, James
Brethern o the Coast by Leighton, Marischal


Caff Davie of the Ordie by Gillanders, Elizabeth
Caul Kail by Morrice, Ken
Confirmed Bachelor by Gordon, Donald
Coronach by Scott, Alexander


Egypt by Blackhall, Sheena
Elizabethans by Blackhall, Sheena
European Scots by Blackhall, Sheena


Freedom by Barbour, John
From The Bruce by Barbour, John


Geordie Jamesone by Blackhall, Sheena
Granny's War 1939-46 by Allan, Betty


Hairy Tatties by Buchan, Peter
Heid-Bummer by Blackhall, Sheena


Jamie Fleeman, 1713-1778. (The Laird o'Widney's Feel.) by Johnston, William G


King Charles I by Blackhall, Sheena
Kosova 4a.m. by Bray, Leslie


Letter Tae a Namesake by Birnie, Rev. Charles


Macfarlan O The Sprots by Thomson, George Bruce
Murrel In by Christie, Frank


O Gin I Were Far Gaudie Rins by Traditional


Plooman Laddies by Traditional
Primary Teachers by Mackie, Alastair
Psalm 137 by Booth, Gordon


Robert The Bruce by Wokoma, Pat
Romans by Blackhall, Sheena


Scotland by Blackhall, Sheena
Sleepytoon by Morris, G.S.
So, We'll Go No More A'Roving by Byron, Lord George Gordon
Swingin Sixties by Blackhall, Sheena


The "New Fair Wind" (Lost with all hands on 11th July 1888) by Mackie, Dr Lewis
The Barnyards o Delgaty by Traditional
The Beast o Kindrochit by Wheeler, Les
The Bonnie Lass o Fyvie by Traditional
The Clearances by Gaffron, Aileen
The Cowpit Cairt by Mackie, Dr Lewis
The Empty Playground by Rich, Lilianne Grant
The Foreman at Drum by Traditional
The Glen's Muster-Roll - The Dominie Loquitur by Symon, Mary
The Hash o Bennygoak by Morris G.S.
The Horseman's Word by Christie, William
The Humble Tattie by Middleton, Ian
The Jolly Beggar by Traditional
The Minefield 1935-46 by Allan, Betty
The Muckin o Geordie's Byre by Traditional
The Queen's Progress at Aberdeen by Dunbar, William
The Stem Mull by Gillanders, Elizabeth
The Win' in 'is Face by Buchan, Peter
Tullochgoram by Skinner, Rev. John
Twa Victorian Bairns by Blackhall, Sheena


Uncannie Places by Goodall, Phyllis J.
Urn Burial by Bruce, George


View o Aiberdeen by Blackhall, Sheena


Waatchword! by Wheeler, Les
Walker by Wheeler, Les
Weemin's Wark (On a Ferm In The 1930s) by Birnie, Rev. Charles


Young Byron In Aberdeen by Scott, Alexander