The Empty Playground

The Empty Playground

Rich, Lilianne Grant

Faur hiv aa the bairnies gane?
The playground girse is lang and green
Faur aince ye nivver saw a blade --
Nae chance tae growe fin bairnies played!

They've closed the skweel aside Knowheid
Faur aince I won my daily breid;
It roogs my very hert to see't --
Nae lauchin bairns, nae dancin feet.

Fyles as I tak a dander roon
Fin stars wi benison look doon
I mind on ilka treasured bairn
Wha sat within yon waas to learn.

Aneth the bell's auld iron croon
Throu the lown nicht there wafts a soun,
A soun ower sweet for hoolet's cry
Or nowt-beasts fae the ferm owerbye.

And fae the shadows jinkin there
As if in answer to my prayer
Sure's daith! There's fyles I hear and see
Phantom bairnies dance in glee.