The Bounds will fulfil two vital needs. First, it will provide a high-quality counselling service for our community and second, it will conduct important research into mental health issues.

This research will allow our understanding of mental health and knowledge base of person-centred counselling to deepen and evolve which may, in turn, inform theory, practice, policy and education.

Research practicalities

As part of engaging with the centre you may at times be asked if you would like to take part in our research. Your participation is always entirely voluntary and you will always be provided in advance with details of the research to allow you to make an informed decision on whether to take part.

In addition to various specific projects you will, as part of your initial assessment, be asked if you would agree to complete a CORE (Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation) form. These allow us to monitor and evaluate the service you receive and are part of our ongoing research.

You will be given an information sheet about CORE at the start of counselling and asked if you are willing to complete an evaluation form. If you are willing to participate, you will be asked to sign a consent form to enable the data to be used anonymously. You will be asked to complete the final CORE form at your last counselling session.

It is vital to reiterate here that all information given and held by The Bounds is covered by a strict privacy policy. All information is held anonymously and you retain the right of control over the information you give according to GDPR guidelines.

Agreeing to be a part of our research is not a requirement of undertaking counselling at the centre.