Design and pedagogical practices of an Inuit-focused Bachelor of Education program in Labrador

Design and pedagogical practices of an Inuit-focused Bachelor of Education program in Labrador


Sylvia Moore, Gerald Galway




Memorial University’s 2009 Presidential Task Force on Aboriginal Initiatives called for the establishment of a community-based teacher education program for Labrador. The Faculty of Education at Memorial and the Nunatsiavut Government (NG) subsequently worked together to develop an Inuit-focused primary-elementary pre-service program for Goose Bay, a community adjacent to Nunatsiavut. For NG, the training of local Inuit teachers in the Inuit Bachelor of Education (IBED) is an important step towards taking control of the K-12 education system in their land claim area. In this paper we explore the design and pedagogical practices of that program. The macro-level program design pays attention to context-relevant factors such as academic and cultural supports, program sequence and schedule, workload-family balance, and the selection of instructors. The curriculum design is guided by “Two-Eyed Seeing,” a model that respects the differences in Western and Indigenous ways of understanding the world and draws on the strengths of both (Marshall, Marshall & Iwama, 2010). Inuit culture is infused, in all aspects of the IBED, through land-based experiences, Inutittut language training, the inclusion of Inuit Elders, and the use of Inuit specific resources. The pre-service teachers are developing pedagogical practices that: reflect Inuit ways of teaching and learning, embrace culturally relevant Inuit education within the context of provincial curricula, and align with the goals of The National Inuit Education Strategy (2011).


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[1] Level V is the normal certification level for graduates entering the profession; higher certification levels (Level VI and VII) are acquired through advanced study, such as graduate certificates or degrees.


teachers; education; Inuit; community-based; culturally-relevant


Published in Volume 25 (1-2) Teacher Education in the Arctic,