Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Education in the North

Call for Papers: Special Issue Dec 2023

Submissions are invited for a Special Issue of Education in the North:

Pedagogy in the North: shifting concepts and common expressions

Pedagogy is a much used but often ill-defined and contested concept. At its simplest it seeks to identify various ‘methods and practices of teaching’. Taken at face value, such a definition signals the identification of myriad teaching approaches designed to meet learner need within professional expertise. Seeking to portray itself as non-ideological, such an approach often identifies ‘what works’ as the basis for teaching interventions, and mostly aligns with research derived from seemingly objective methods such as those espoused by neuroscience or cognitive psychology. Whether such approaches are truly free of ideological baggage is a pertinent question, presented, as they often are, both alongside approaches to education that elevate knowledge acquisition and successful exam attainment and as acceptable counters to maligned approaches such as ‘child centred’ or ‘progressive’.

Alternative conceptions, such as perhaps, those of a continental/Nordic hue offer pedagogic visions steeped in an appreciation of the ways in which teacher and taught enter co-operative alignment for educational success. This is by no means a given however, due to the variety of approaches that craft the ‘Nordic Myth’ and various contemporary approaches to pedagogy across ‘continental Europe’ that are often driven by supra-national institutions such as the OECD. This latter position seems to reflect Anglophonic educational-political perspectives particularly in regions such as England or the US.

  • How interpretations and conceptualisations of pedagogy have emerged from nation-state educational foci.
  • Current country or region-specific debates regarding the form, function, and identification of pedagogy (for example, indigenous and Arctic Pedagogy).
  • How pedagogy is/was/might be operationalised across all sites and phases of educational provision, including informal, non-formal, and formal settings.
  • Tensions between social, economic, cultural and education policy for their impacts on pedagogic processes.
  • Professional/student/community perspectives on pedagogic matters.

We are especially interested in publishing work in Indigenous and minority languages as the journal has a proud tradition of publishing work in Scottish Gaelic over the last 50+ years.

Different types of submission are possible:

  • Articles dealing with empirical research findings that have not been submitted or published elsewhere (up to 8000 words);
  • Features which describe on-going or completed research projects (up to 4000 words).

Please refer to the journal website for author guidelines.

Submission Deadlines

  1. Expression of interest and 500-word abstract sent to by 14th April 2023
  2. Submission of manuscript sent to by Friday 1st September 2023.

Special Issue Editors:

                Dr Paul Adams,

                Prof. Gry Paulgaard,

Journal Editors: Helen Martin and Claire Molloy