Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Education in the North

Call for Papers: Special Issue June 2023

Submissions are invited for a Special Issue of Education in the North:

The engine room of educational change - perspectives from Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Further Education (FE)

Vocational Education and Training (VET) takes place in diverse contexts around Europe from schools, colleges and institutes to training centres and workplaces. Vocational and technical education is occupying an increasingly prominent role in policy, often as part of COVID recovery plans, but still remains comparatively under-researched. Post-COVID, this is a particular moment for VET and education generally – technological challenges and technological potential have accelerated the move to hybridity and forced educators everywhere to reflect on new directions for policy, practice and professional development. The VET sector and reflections on it have a lot to offer the rest of the education field as we reimagine what education could and should be.

With this call for abstracts, we are seeking the different perspectives of scholars and practitioners and others with interests and expertise in VET to contribute to an issue that will examine the current state as well as future challenges for VET. We, therefore, welcome submissions, including, but not limited to, those that address or cut across the following topics:

  • Changes in policy or discourses regarding FE and VET, including changes to funding or policy prominence
  • Pedagogical and theoretical approaches to FE and VET, with special focus on the interface between policy and classroom level of curriculum development
  • Issues concerning professional development for FE and VET teachers at all stages of their career
  • Challenges and dilemmas for practitioners influenced by demographic shifts
  • International comparative perspectives, especially involving the UK and Nordic countries

We are particularly interested in creative and interdisciplinary methodologies and methods used to consider these issues in new ways. Submissions containing a distinct practitioner perspective are particularly encouraged. The editors are happy to respond to queries concerning the relevance and eligibility of potential submissions.

Different types of submission are possible: articles dealing new empirical research findings that have not been published elsewhere, features which describe on-going research projects including essays, multimedia features on practitioner-perspectives, and book reviews. Please refer to the journal website for our guidelines for authors. The expressions of interest pro forma can be found on the journal website:

We are especially interested in publishing work in indigenous and minority languages and the journal has a proud tradition of publishing work in Scottish Gaelic.

Submission Deadlines:

1. Expression of interest with an abstract (200 words) for articles and a synopsis (100 words) for features emailed to by 11th November 2022.

2. Submission of article, feature or book review emailed to by 17th February.

3. Guest Editors: Jakob Billmayer, Maria Johansson, Peter Koudahl, Aileen Ackland, Chris Aldred, Yvonne Bain, Stephanie Thomson