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This space is dedicated to relevant content that has informed our approach, or provides background on the contexts in which we're working. These outputs have not been produced by the project, but are available open access and fully cited.

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Ethical Research Involving Children

Alderson, P. and Morrow, V. (2020) The Ethics of Research with Children and Young People, London: Sage.

Ethical Research Involving Children (ERIC) (2023) ERIC Home. Available here (Accessed 07th June 2023).

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Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy, Research, Capacity & Influence (2024) Gender Training Modules [Online], Michigan State University. Available at: (Accessed 25th March 2024).

Mental Health

Baingana, F. (2022) "A current analysis of mental health in the workplace", Open Access Government, January 2023, pp.156-157. Available here.

This article by Dr Florence Baingana (also chair of our International Advisory Board) published in Open Access Government inspired our project profile 'Can mindfulness training in primary schools promote mental wellbeing in Sub-Saharan Africa?' also published in the same issue.

Violence Against Women & Children

Whilst the project is not specifically researching violence against women or children, we will collect data from mothers and CAs on violence against women and children because it is an integral part of the context in w\hich CAs live their daily lives.

The following resources have informed our approach.

CP MERG (2012), Ethical principles, dilemmas and risks in collecting data on violence against
children: A review of available literature
, Statistics and Monitoring Section/Division of Policy and Strategy, UNICEF,
New York.

Graham, A., Powell, M., Taylor, N., Anderson, D. & Fitzgerald, R. (2013). Ethical Research Involving Children. Florence: UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti.

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World Health Organisation (2001) Putting Women First: Ethical and Safety Recommendations for Research on Domestic Violence Against Women. Geneva: World Health Organisation.

World Health Organisation (2016) Ethical and safety recommendations for intervention research on violence against women. Building on lessons from the WHO publication. Putting women first: ethical and safety recommendations for research on domestic violence against women. Geneva: World Health Organisation. February 2016.

NIHR Resources

Engaging with policymakers: can your research influence policy?

NIHR (2023) 'Engaging with policymakers: can your research influence policy?' [Video]. Available here (Accessed 07th May 2023).

This work is licensed under CC BY 4.0