International Development Week 2015 - CAREERS DAY

International Development Week 2015 - CAREERS DAY

This is a past event

As part of the CSID International Development Week on campus, the Alumni Relations team, Careers Service and AUSA are delighted to host a new Back on Campus event in 2015.

Hosted by the Centre for Sustainable International Development, Careers Service, and Aberdeen University Alumni RelationsThe day shall be split into 5 events, lead by:10.00-11.00 Dr Hilary Homans, Director of the Centre for Sustainable International Development.'Working in International Development: Lessons Learned, Current Challenges and Opportunities'11.00-12.00 Frances Guy, Head of the Middle East at Christian Aid.'Diplomacy and International Development: the highs and lows of international careers'12.00-13.00 Ali MacLeod, Director, Fundraising and Marketing, Mercy Corps.'From the University of Aberdeen to INGO (or the story of tango lessons in 6 countries!)14.00-15.00 Catherine Dishington- Ethical Trading Officer, The Co-operative Food.'An insight into the Career in the Ethical Trade'15.00-16.00 Sabrina Andrei (data analyst) and Diogo Guia (consultant) at Minimise Solutions.'Challenges and Opportunities in Achieving Business Sustainability in the Developed World: The Efficiency Paradox'Limited spaces available (Booking required) - free event.

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Hosted by
Careers Service and Aberdeen University Alumni Relations
Suite 706, Sir Duncan Library, University of Aberdeen