The Power of Film & the Arts to Build Peace

The Power of Film & the Arts to Build Peace

This is a past event

Organised by the Institute for Culture Diplomacy, part of the Cross Continental Cooperation Summit 2014-2015: "Unlocking Potential: Uniting the World's Leading Powers" (International Conferences; Berlin; February-March 2015)

The Cross-Continental Cooperation Summit of 2014-5 will be a culmination of 10 events taking place across the globe. The events will take place in major capital cities including London, Berlin, Seychelles, Abuja, Addis Ababa, Washington D.C. Moscow, New Delhi and Crete; with the continents of Europe, North America, Africa and Asia playing host to the events. The Summit will focus on the potential success for improved intercultural relations in uniting the great powers of the contemporary world to better face today's global concerns. The Summit will create a forum for the world's powers representatives to publicly discuss and promote upon a common goal, thus initiating potential solutions for contemporary and future world challenges. The ultimate aim of the Summit will be to create a more stable public global environment by promoting intercultural dialogue between nations, consequently bringing the international community closer to a more prosperous future.