CGD Mindfulness Seminar - Professor Willem Kuyken, University of Oxford

CGD Mindfulness Seminar - Professor Willem Kuyken, University of Oxford

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Mindfulness (-based Cognitive Therapy) for Life Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Psychology in the Contemporary World

Depression will directly affect more than 1 billion of the world’s population, is a leading cause of disability adjusted life years, one of the main risk factors for suicide, as well as causing untold human suffering. This presentation will briefly overview the story to date of cognitive-behavioural (CBT) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). This will include the key milestones over >20 years of definition, theory, innovations in research methods, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and implementation. Most importantly, we have learned that CBT is an effective psychological treatment, MBCT provides a cost-effective approach to helping people to prevent depression and that both can be integrated into mainstream mental health services. But we have also seen a growing evidence base suggesting that MBCT can promote mental health and well-being in the wider population and potentially across the lifespan. How can this work best evolve to meet its full potential? How can we unlock all that we have learned to use these psychological approaches as a vehicle to create a world without the devastating effects of depression, where people enjoy mental health and well-being and are resourced to meet the challenges of the next 50 years?

Professor Willem Kuyken
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Centre for Global Development

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