Of the candidates who are invited for interview, offers will be made to those candidates who achieve the highest score, based upon their interview performance only.

Offers are made when the interview cycle is complete; by the beginning of April. The dental school will then notify UCAS of each decision. Candidates should keep up to date with the progress of their application by logging into UCAS Track using their usernames and passwords.

Should the application be successful, the candidate will be made one of the following offers:

  • An Unconditional Offer: This means the candidate has met all the entrance requirements for Aberdeen.
  • A Conditional Offer: Specific conditions must be met prior to starting the course. These are usually stated as academic grades in exams to be taken during the current year of study.

Candidates should then decide upon which university they wish to make as their Firm choice, and if appropriate, which university they should make as their Insurance choice. This decision does not need to be made until the applicant has finally heard from all their chosen universities. Please refer to the UCAS website for further details.

Students who have been made an Unconditional Offer will know by May which dental school they will be entering. Students who hold a Conditional Offer must wait until the summer when their examination results are issued. Over the preceding few days, universities will have been matching these results with offers made.

If candidates do not hold any offers at this stage, it may be worth checking to see if dental schools enter the Clearing System. It is unusual to be offered a place through Clearing at the Institute of Dentistry in Aberdeen, as we prefer to reconsider applicants who have already been interviewed but to whom we were unable to offer a place earlier in the year.