Unsuccessful Applicants

Unsuccessful Applicants

Most of the applications we receive are really very good. However, we do have the very difficult task of selecting only a small number of entrants out of the hundreds of applications we receive each year. 

Applicants should understand that the Admissions procedure at Aberdeen involves the detailed assessment and scoring of a range of aspects of an application, including

  • academic attainment/predictions
  • UCAS written application
  • subsequent interview performance

Decisions have to be made on the information that is presented and information received when the UCAS form is submitted. It is not possible to rescore applications any time after the UCAS cut-off date, should revised personal statements outline further activities undertaken.

Each year, we calculate the maximum number of offers that must be made to achieve our year group number of 20 students. Applications are ranked against all the others received for that year's entry and those whose total Objective Scores are above the required threshold achieve an interview, then possibly an offer. 

Feedback Process

As a mark of respect for the very high quality of applications and commitment of applicants to securing a place for Dentistry, the Dental School has a commitment to offering very comprehensive feedback to its unsuccessful applicants.

The process to request feedback goes as follows:

  • end of March/beginning of April your decision will be communicated via the UCAS website
  • beginning to mid April we will send letters to applicants explaining the reasons for the unsuccessful application
  • mid April to the end of August applicants may request further feedback. All requests should be emailed to dentistry@abdn.ac.uk

Please quote your UCAS Personal ID number on all correspondence with the dental admissions department.