Need dental treatment but don't have an NHS dentist?

If you believe you are in need of dental treatment but do not currently have an NHS dentist then you may be ideally suited to assist our students develop their clinical skills. 

Treatment is completely free of charge and supervised by an experienced qualified dental clinician so if you or your family has any issues with your oral health that you would like checked then give us a call today on 01224 551901 or email

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Why should you volunteer?

  • Treatment is free of charge
  • It will give you access to routine dental care
  • You will be providing essential clinical experience for the students

Who can volunteer?

  • You can volunteer if you are not already registered with an NHS dentist
  • You are an adult or child who has issues with your teeth that you would like investigated

What will happen when you get in touch?

  1. You will be provided an appointment on an initial assessment clinic with an experienced dental clinician where you will discuss your suitability for student treatment
  2. You would then be assigned a supervised clinical appointment with a student
  3. You would attend appointments and follow a course of treatment prescribed

Why would I not be suitable?

  • In some cases the level of work required by a patient is deemed too complex for our dental students
  • Following discussion with our dental clinicians you may feel the requirement to attend regularly for longer periods than a normal dentist is not right for you.

Further info

  • Student clinics are supervised by an experienced senior dental clinician.
  • All clinicians and clinical nurses are GDC registered and experienced.
  • Normal Patient appointments are scheduled for 60-90 minutes depending on the experience of the student. The treatment is being provided by supervised student dentists who work at a slower pace than qualified, experienced dentists. Work also has to be supervised and checked which can increase the length of time.
  • Patients are asked to be as flexible as possible regarding days / times for appointments.