General Enquiries

Staff List

Kat Broomfield             Archives Assistant

Hannah Clarke             Assistant Curator (Collections Access)

Lisa Collinson                Academic Engagement and Research Lead

Jim Costin                      Digitisation Officer

Neil Curtis                      Head of Museums and Special Collections

Caroline Dempsey         Museum Conservator

Jenny Downes                Exhibitions and Public Programming Manager

Abeer Eladany               Curatorial Assistant (Collections Access)

Michelle Gait                 Senior Information Assistant

Brian Henderson           Director of Digital and Information Services

Heather Kennedy          Principal Information Assistant

Freja Lundberg             Social Media Assistant

Andrew MacGregor     Archivist

Brannah Mackenzie     Book Conservator

Christina Mackenzie    Assistant Curator (Exhibitions and Engagement)

Fiona Musk                    NHS Grampian Archivist

Keith O'Sullivan           Senior Rare Books Librarian

Jane Pirie                       Curator (Rare Books)

Samuel Revell                Assistant Curator (Exhibitions and Engagement)

Niko Sanguinetti            Assistant Curator (Exhibitions and Engagement)

Jen Shaw                        Learning and Outreach Officer

Jan Smith                       Principal Information Assistant