Advice from Employers

Advice from Employers

Finding part-time work can be challenging and it can take up a lot of time. Therefore, it is important that you know what employers are looking for and how you can show them that you are the right person for the job. 
In the section below employers share their top tips on finding part-time work and making your applications stand out. They also offer advice on how to make the most of your part-time work experience. 


Transition Extreme

Aberdeenshire Council

Name: Michael Brewis

Organisation and job title: Aberdeenshire Council, Team Leader (Resourcing), HR&OD

In what kind of positions students have worked in your organisation? What have these roles typically included? 
Aberdeenshire Council have a wider range of relief roles. These include Care Assistant, Caretaker, Catering Assistant, Sports Coach, Leisure Assistant, Playworker – out of School Clubs, Pupil Support Assistant, School Crossing Patroller and Theatre Attendant.

What skills and benefits students can gain through working part-time? 
There is a range of transferable skills that can be gained by working part time or in a relief post. These include communication skills, team working, leadership skills, successfully planning and organising. Working part time or in a relief post will mean working with a range of teams as well as the general public.

What does your organisation expect from candidates applying to your vacant positions?
It would be advisable for any candidate applying for a vacancy with Aberdeenshire Council to tailor their application to the job position they are applying for. All vacancies at Aberdeenshire Council will have an advert along with a job profile. The job profile outlines the core duties as well as the essential and desirable criteria required to carry out the role. Any candidates applying for a vacancy should outline their relevant skills, knowledge and experience relating this directing to the essential and desirable criteria.

What does your organisation expect from students working part-time? 
All employees working for Aberdeenshire Council on a relief, part time or full time basis are serving the people of Aberdeenshire. Employees are expected to be reliable, work to the best of their ability and in a professional manner. 

What kind of work place culture does your organisation have? 
Aberdeenshire Council provide services to the people of Aberdeenshire as far North as Portsoy to the South in Laurenckirk. This can range from Care homes, schools, road depots, landscape services, village halls and museums.  As such is very supportive of all employees, ensuring they receive training and the skills required to undertake their job.  We are providing a service to the community and we expect each employee to act as a representative of the Council.

What is your advice for students seeking part-time employment? 
Read beyond the job title. There are a range of job titles across Aberdeenshire Council. It would be best to firstly check the hours, then read the job advert and job profile to get an overview of what the vacancy is and if your skills are transferable to the role.  Also ensure you understand the commitment required each week to working the contracted hours.