School Engagement

School Engagement



Age Group: Secondary

Pitching and delivering a message is great when it’s done correctly and this workshop looks at what is pitching, when are we likely to have to do it, and we discuss top tips for a successful pitch.

SWOT Analysis

Age Group: Secondary

SWOT analysis is important in business.  This workshops looks at why we do SWOT analysis, we have a quiz a case study and then the young people will have a short project.


Age Group: Secondary

This workshop examines what makes a good leader, what problems leaders can encounter. We look at communication (verbal, non-verbal, listening skills), we can touch on delegation and empathy skills too.

How to work with case studies

Age Group: Secondary

Case Studies are a great way of learning.   This workshop gives an overview of what a case study is, top tips on working on case studies and gives practical experience in groups of working on case studies.   


Age Group: Secondary

Networking is important in the world of work.  However, it’s not something we all find naturally easy.  This workshop makes us examine our current network, why it is important and what makes a successful networker.  This workshop gets young people on their feet practicising networking skills with each other, talking about networking opportunities, social media and has some top tips to networking.


Age Group: Secondary

Everyone at some point, or several points in their life has to negotiate.  It is not an easy skill.  We discuss what is negotiation, when do we negotiate and who with, famous negotiators, and some top tips.

Design and Market a Healthy Breakfast

Age Group: All ages

Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day.  I’ve witnessed pupils enjoying chocolate, cans of energy drink and crisps for their breakfast, but I’ve also seen some real amazing breakfast opportunities at schools.  This prompted me to write a workshop where young people can Design and market a healthy breakfast, taking into account some key marketing terminology eg Unique Selling Point, slogans, logos, advertising and target audience.  This workshop is run in conjunction with the Rowett Institute who have recorded a short video clip to get the class started.

Tourism – Marketing your local area

Age Group: All ages

Aberdeen(shire) can no longer rely so deeply on the oil industry to boost it’s economy. Tourism is another option.  With cruise liners coming to Aberdeen and the new Exhibition Centre how can various tourist attractions in Aberdeen(shire) be marketed to the appropriate group of visitors?  This workshop looks at different target groups, what their expectations would be. This workshop also allows pupils to see some of the attractions that are on their doorstep but they just don’t realise they are there. 


Age Group: All Ages

We have a short workshop which looks at slogans/branding, talks about marketing, the 4ps, USPs, target audiences before a hands one exercise for selling products/adapting products to different target audiences.

Real Estate: Property for An Aging Population

Age Groups: Secondary

By 2028 there are projected to be 38,100 more people of a pensionable age in Scotland, with the number projected to increase by 240,000 by mid-2040s.  This workshops address the issue about property for our aging population.  We look the needs of the elderly, technology, gadgets, what is out there already before designing our own thoughts for the future.  Also consider Human Resources Issues, Marketing Matters, and Finance Matters.

How could you use an empty phone box in your community – marketing

Age Group: All ages

Recent news headlines indicate that BT are to be getting rid of phone boxes in the North East.  This popular workshop allows pupils to think what else could be done with phone boxes in their local community and how their new idea could be marketed.   

Design an App

Age Group: All ages

We discuss Apps young people are already using, what makes a good App, creating an idea for an App, an icon, along with some business/marketing terminology. 

Resilience and Confidence Building

Age Group: All ages

There’s no doubt that this last few years has brought with it many challenges.  This workshop is normally delivered over 5 or 6 sessions of about an hour and covers a number of topics including.

Developing confidence, Emotions, coping mechanisms, gratitude, self talk, kindness, empathy, loving yourself and others, compliments, friendship (and tensions), mistakes, failure, the power of Yet, dealing with disappointment, perseverance,  and asking for help.

This workshop is usually run over 4-5 weeks at an hour a week.

Employability skills

Age Group: Secondary

A discussion about employability skills, looking at our own skill sets and those of different professions.  Recognising your own skillset is difficult but this workshop gives the young people the chance to reflect and consider what they can be doing now to become the employees that businesses want in the future.

What will our Future look like?

Age Group: Any

Nobody can predict the future.  This workshop covers a number of topics looking at past, present, and allowing pupils the opportunity to look at the future.  Topics include; transport, money, jobs, shopping, homes, technology in the house, sport, schooling, food, fashion.  A number of different mini projects can be undertaken during this workshop.

Research then Design a game – climate Change

Age Group: Any

  • What makes a good game?
  • How to carry out Research?
  • How can I make an impact on others on the topic of climate change

Pupils will discuss above before putting into practice what they’ve learnt, researching topics and producing a game which can then be used to educate a specific target audience.

Union Street- What would you do with it?

Age Group: Secondary

There’s no doubt that Union Street isn’t what it used to be?  What’s happened to the High Street and why?  Adults often have an opinion on the potential of this iconic street, however what would the younger generation do if they had unlimited resources. 

Politics – Branding

Age Group: Secondary

There’s no escaping Politics.  Brexit, Covid, elections, scandals – it’s on the news all the time.  In this workshop pupils talk about slogans and logos, see if they can recognise the logos of our political parties, understand the role of political parties. They are then given the opportunity to research the parties and present a few pieces of key information to their colleagues.  The next stage of this workshop pupils are invited to create their own Political Party – what would it stand for, what would it’s Logo and Slogan be.