Recent papers by CELMR members include:


  • Keith Bender, C. Green and John Heywood, “Performance pay and assortative matching,” Scottish Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming.
  • Allan, J.L., Andelic, N., Bender, K., Powell, D., Stoffel, S., Theodossiou, I, Employment Contracts and Stress: Experimental Evidence. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. (In press). Working paper available here:


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  • Kingsley Omeihe and B. Bariture, ‘‘Barriers to Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurs- investigating Evidence and Examining the Turfs: A Case Study of Edinburgh Ethnic Minority Businesses’’. In Advances in Migrant and Refugee Entrepreneurship Research, 2020. 
  • Kingsley Omeihe, I.O. Amoako, V. Gustafsson, M.S. Khan, and I.Omeihe, ‘‘Getting Personal: the issues of trust and distrust in small and medium-sized enterprises in Nigeria’’, Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship,2020. 
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  • Nicole Andelic, A. Feeney, and G. McKeown, “ Evidence for communicative compensation in debt advice with reduced multimodality,” 2019 International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, 2019: 210-9.
  • Yu Aoki, Harminder Battu and P. Valdivieso Massa, “The intergenerational mobility of white working-class boys: Are they really the most disadvantaged?”  Discussion Papers in Economics and Finance, 19-2, University of Aberdeen Business School, 2019.
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  • Yu Aoki and L. Santiago, “Deprivation, segregation and social class of UK immigrants. What is the role of English proficiency?” IZA Discussion Paper No. 11368, 2018.
  • Yu Aoki and L. Santiago, “Speak better, do better? Education and health of migrants in the UK, Labour Economics, 52, 2018: 1-17.
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  • Yang, Z., Zhang, H., Kwan, H. K., & Chen, S.  Crossover effects of servant leadership and job social support on employee spouses: The mediating role of employee organization-based self-esteemJournal of Business Ethics, 147(3), 2018, 595-604.
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  • Keith Bender and John Heywood, “Educational mismatch and retirement,” Education Economics, 25, 2017: 347-65.
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  • Firfiray Shainaz and Margarita Mayo, “The lure of work‐life benefits: Perceived person‐organization fit as a mechanism explaining job seeker attraction to organizations,” Human Resource Management, 56, 2017, 629-49.


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