The global oil and gas sector operates in a complex environment characterised by various influential factors such as (1) government control of hydrocarbons, (2) financial markets, (3) the global crude oil market, (4) economic uncertainty, (5) licensing, taxation and contracts, etc. These factors have a significant influence on both investment decision-making and government policy-making hence a comprehensive knowledge of related economics and law is essential for holistic understanding of the sector.

Our students have the opportunity to explore a range of themes to sharpen their critical analysis of key current global oil and gas sector challenges and issues. The programme delivery involves a broad range of stimulating lectures, seminars and tutorials with both lecturers and visiting industry practitioners; and culminates with a project dissertation that evidences students’ development and achievement on the programme. Career opportunities include roles in/as (1) Commercial Advisory, (2) Energy Consultancy, (3) Investment and/or Market Analysts, (4) Oil and Gas Associates, (5) Project Management, etc. as required in oil and gas companies, international law firms and government ministries.