Industry Pulse Series: AI and the Future of Work

Industry Pulse Series: AI and the Future of Work

This is a past event

You are invited to join an online roundtable event themed on ‘AI and the Future of Work’. As Generative AI, Machine Learning, Robotics and other genres of Artificial Intelligence increasingly impact our daily work, regardless of our industry or geographic location, the discussion around AI and the Future of Work has never been more relevant than today.

What is AI? What are some of the real use cases today? How do different regions treat AI? Should we be concerned with the speed of adoption and change?

This online event brings together experienced researchers and practitioners to explore and interpret, in practical terms, the fundamentals of AI and how it is already impacting the future of work.

Organised as a roundtable discussion, questions from the audience will be welcomed. Our invited speakers are:

  • Gabrielle Chou, Associate Professor, NYU Shanghai
  • Jag Kundi, Adjunct Professor, City University of Hong Kong
  • Donald Hislop, Professor, University of Aberdeen
  • Moderator: John Storm, Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen
Hosted by
University of Aberdeen Business School