Markerless Motion Capture for Healthcare Applications

Markerless Motion Capture for Healthcare Applications

Project Title: Markerless motion capture for healthcare applications
Funder: University of Aberdeen Elphinstone Scholarship
Duration: October 2020 - January 2026
Research Team: Mr Bradley ScottDr Dimitra BlanaProfessor Nir Oren, Dr Edward Chadwick

Project Summary

Many disorders and injuries result in abnormal movement that impairs function and affects quality of life. A method that would allow clinicians to easily quantify a patient’s movement pattern could be an invaluable diagnostic tool, as movement patterns could be compared with databases of patterns from a variety of disorders. It could also help monitor disease or rehabilitation progression by comparing movement patterns with earlier measurements from the same patient. The aim of this project is to investigate how novel technologies such as machine learning and biomechanical modelling can be used to quantify human movement based on video recorded with regular RGB cameras.


Scott B, Seyres M, Philp F, Chadwick EK, Blana D. 2022. Healthcare applications of single camera markerless motion capture: a scoping review. PeerJ 10:e13517 


Scott B., Chadwick E.K.J., McInnes M.F., Blana D. Assessing single camera markerless motion capture during upper limb activities of daily living. Annual meeting of the European Society for Movement Analysis in Adults and Children, Athens, Greece, September 2023

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