Clinical Skills

Clinical Skills

Student Self Study Room Booking Procedure - Please read prior to booking


Clinical skills practice can be booked in room 101 or 112

  • The room is available between the hours of 8am-8pm, Monday-Friday
  • Up to a maximum of 4 students can attend any session. The names of each student should be written in the booking form
  • Students can attend for 1 hour per week (whether they make the booking or are an additional attendee). The 1 hour slot includes any set-up/clear-down time, this should not be added in additionally
  • The room will have the following equipment in it: Trolley bed, CPR manikins, Fundoscopy head, urinalysis, Sphygmomanometer & stethoscope, male & female pelvic models, pregnant abdomen model and a neuro kit
  • Users of the room should be sure to clear up and be out of the room by the end of their 1 hour slot so the next user can start on time
  • PA students can also practice various Practical Procedures. Please title your booking to indicate it is PA practice, and list the procedures you wish to practice in the description.


  • We understand some people may want to practice more regularly. In addition to the 1 hour per week that can be pre-booked. If there is availability in the room, an additional ‘on the day’ booking can be made, or an existing booking extended on the day – if there is free space available in the room.

Any study that is non-clinical skills based (e.g. communication skills practice) should be booked on the second floor rooms 228, 229, 230, 231, 232 ideally, or in rooms 124-127


Any queries please contact the technician team on