The Suttie Centre is a joint facility for the benefit of both NHS Grampian and the University of Aberdeen. In order for us to maximise possible usage of the centre whilst ensuring core groups have access to the necessary space and facilities we have created a set of room booking guidelines.

Before you request a room at the Suttie Centre, please ensure you familiarise yourself with the guidelines.

Booking of Rooms

When requesting a room certain information will be required:

  • Course title - please ensure this is as exactly as given to candidates, it can cause confusion

  • Running times - please ensure this is as exactly as given to candidates, it can cause confusion

  • Set up time (max 30 minutes unless you are able to justify longer)

  • Contact name, number and email

  • Number of participants

  • Type of participants e.g. University, NHSG, public - please do not simply leave as default

  • Layout for room either from options or if custom you MUST describe this in supplementary information box

  • Any equipment required (this must be listed in the supplementary information box or it will not be provided) – if this is not confirmed in acceptance please contact supplying department

  • Presence of any sponsor or company reps

  • Details for invoicing (if applicable).  Room hire charges may be applicable for bookings for any outside groups or agencies and those with delegate charges or sponsorship. If the activity is purely internal (NHSG or UoA) with no outside involvement then no charge will be levied.

Bookings for designated areas will be controlled by the appropriate staff associated with these areas. General enquiries or those unsure of which rooms they may require should be directed to the Suttie Reception ext (76)7786 or (76)7807 or Building Manager - ext (76)7754 who will assist or disseminate as appropriate.


Booking Responsibility

Clinical Skills Centre

(101, 107, 109, 112, 115, 116, 119, 121, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127 & 128)

Pamela Williamson

Tel: (76)7713 / 01224 437713



Victoria Evans

Tel: (76)7702 / 01224 437702



Elaine Lyall

Tel: (76)7702 / 01224 437702 



Tutorial Rooms

(209, 210, 213/214, 228, 229, 230, 231, 232)

Diane Gerrie

Tel: (76)7777 / 01224 437777


Video Conferencing

(220 & 223)

AV Team

Tel: (76)7741 or 7798 or 3000 / 01224 273000


Agnieszka Kruk-Omenzetter

Tel: (76)4320 / 01224 274320


 Simulation and Training Centre

(Area A & Area B)

Marie Walker-Greenwood

Tel: (76)7803 / 01224 437803


Conferences & Events

Arlene Ray

Tel: (76)7754 / 01224 437754


All other rooms and areas

Suttie Reception

Tel: (76)7786 / 7807 / 01224 437786



  • Core users’ bookings will take priority in their core area and can be made up to 2 years in advance however booking information is visible online with descriptions and unbooked accommodation will default to Suttie Centre control within the next 90 days when it should be available to all users for teaching and learning if required. Prior to this, requests falling out with core use will be dealt by negotiation with core users.
  • Requests for activities which are not directly teaching or learning will be dealt with at the discretion of the building manager but it should be noted meetings will normally only be accommodated within a 28 day window.
  • Generic student self-directed study out with clinical skills can only be booked a maximum of 28 days in advance.  Within clinical skills the standard rules of that department apply.  Clinical skills study can be booked in rooms 101 and 128 (at busy times only) for one 2hr slot per week per group.  This does not apply to registered society bookings.
  • Students cannot book the simulation centre.

  • Self-directed study other than in the main computer room will only be permitted Mon – Thurs 8am – 8pm, Fri 8am – 7pm and Sat & Sun 8am – 6pm. Societies can book outwith these times with prior agreement.

  • Registered student groups will be able to book space for events, revision, meetings or group work.
  • Communal areas including 000, 135 & 136 when booked do not guarantee exclusive use.
  • The Medical Lecture Theatre, MacGillivray and Dugald Baird do not have the same restrictions and instead open for general booking in 6 month blocks: 1st January-30th June on 1st October and 1st July-31st December on 1st April. Bookings of higher institutional priority can be discussed with the Suttie Centre Manager and may be booked in advance for this.

Prioritisation of Events at Suttie Centre

  • University Exams will take high priority in the Clinical Skills Centre and rooms primarily associated with the University over other events. Steps will be taken to minimise any impact on NHS training. When essential to allow such degree examinations to proceed, some use of rooms primarily used for NHS training may be negotiated approximately 1 year in advance.
  • External post graduate exams will not take priority, but can be arranged whenever practicable.
  • Conferences and events will only take priority in the Conference Room nowhere else, but can be arranged whenever practicable through Arlene Ray.
  • The conference room is primarily an external conference space utilised to attract national and international conferences and raise funds to support learning. Use should be discussed with the building manager.


  • Wherever possible we ask that a minimum of 14 days' notice is given for cancellation, to allow us to attempt to reuse the space. We understand there will be exceptional circumstances where this is not possible but would ask that we are notified as soon as possible by emailing
  • All chargeable bookings cancelled within 14 days of the booked date will incur full charge. 


  • Rooms are laid out in line with drawings shown on the classroom pinboard. Whilst you are welcome to move the furniture to best meet your needs please ensure this is returned at the end of your booking.  No furniture should be removed from the room or placed in corridors.
  • If you have requested a non-standard layout and this has been approved you do not need to return to the designated layout at the end but should ensure the room is tidy and as you found it.
  • All rooms have lectern computers and projectors. Please note you will be unable to save to the desktop but can save to the s drive and these temporary files will then be cleared off when the computer is logged off. University or NHS usernames and passwords can also be used. For NHSG please use NHSG\username and then password.
  • ARI Medical Lecture Theatre has both UoA and NHSG computers – please select as appropriate.
  • For IT issues:

    • All users should  contact 3000 or go to Room 202, Suttie Centre  

    • MacGillivary Conference Room, Tutorial 2 or ARI medical Lecture theatre VC users must contact NHSG AV for assistance/to book the call.

  • At the end of the session please log off the computer do not switch off – this is done automatically at the end of the day. 

  • Rooms contain whiteboards and flip chart stands. Paper is provided but we do not provide pens.  Please ensure you do not use flip chart pens on whiteboards.

  • Please ensure you do not attach items to the walls. If you require pin boards can be provided (contact reception).

  • If additional chairs are required at Suttie these can be signed out from room 205A (key available from reception) and returned at the end of the session.

  • Catering can be taken into classrooms (with the exception of the lecture theatre). This must be provided by a registered caterer. Please ensure this is cleared away at the end of your booking and returnable items placed outside the room door.

  • Water coolers are available on Ground, 1st, 2nd & 3rd floors of the Suttie Centre but please note cups are not provided.

  • The cafe in the centre is open from 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

  • Fire alarms in Suttie are tested on a Wednesday at 11.55am, MacGillivray & Dugald Baird on a Wednesday at 8.15am, ARI Medical Lecture Theatre on a Wednesday at between 08.00am and 11.00am and MedChi DELS on a Wednesday at 11.00am.  Evacuation is not required.
  • In the event of a fire alarm sounding at any other time please evacuate immediately via the nearest signed exit. Assembly point for Suttie is the walled garden, for MedChi is the car park outside of the main entrance of the Polwarth Building, for ARI Medical Lecture Theatre is the Allan Downie Unit Car Park and for MacGillivray & Dugald Baird is the grassed area outside front entrance to the Maternity Hospital at the main Hospital sign.
  • Should you have anyone who requires disabled evacuation we would appreciate if you would alert reception on arrival for your booking.

  • Please note the centre has no parking with the exception of 3 disabled spaces. Any deliveries must be made via the delivery bay and a fine system is in operation for inappropriate parking.

  • Foresterhill is a no smoking site.

Access at Maternity

  • Where possible we will try to open rooms in line with bookings however should you arrive and the room you require is locked please go to Maternity reception who will be able to provide you with a key with an attached proximity card. You will be asked to provide identification and to sign for the keys which must be returned after unlocking the room.  For Dugald Baird please contact reception at Suttie and we will advise of the key code.

Access to Simulation and Training Centre (Area A & Area B)

  • Needs to be arranged via Clinical Skills

Access Out of Hours

  • Bookings after 6pm or at weekends at Suttie – please note the front doors will be locked and entry/exit will be via the out of hours door to the cafe side of the main door. In addition the corridor doors will require appropriate swipe cards after 8pm (Mon – Thurs), 7pm (Fri) and all weekend (attainable in advance from reception or clinical skills if required).

  • Booking requests for rooms at the weekend or after 6pm must be made by 1pm on the preceding Thursday. If you need to make a booking after this time you must contact to discuss the matter. This will only be agreed in exceptional circumstances.