Peer review journal articles:

Twelve tips for enhancing anatomy teaching and learning using radiology

Caswell, FR., Venkatesh, A. & Denison, AR.
Medical Teacher 2015;37(12):1067-71. doi: 10.3109/0142159X.2015.1029896. Epub 2015 Apr 24.

Evolving student-faculty partnerships in medical education through Peer Assisted Learning

Ahmed, E; Dynes, K; Parson, SH
‘Really Good Stuff’ in Medical Education (In Press 2016)

Conference presentations:

A comparative quantitative analysis of student perceptions of peer-led learning as a formal versus extracurricular learning method in undergraduate medicine

Ezzat A, Boza K, Cunningham C, Essang B, Cameron A, Venkatesh A, Johnston P W, Parson SH
Oral presentation at ASME: Edinburgh 2015

A quantitative evaluation of student-tutor perceptions to peer-led teaching as a learning method during a medical undergraduate course

Ezzat A, Boza K, Cunningham C, Cameron A, Venkatesh A, Parson S H
Oral presentation at ASME: Glasgow 2015

Strategies for providing support to medical students

A Venkatesh, R Arnold, A Denison, M Laing
Workshop ASME: Glasgow 2015

The Peer Assisted Learning Scheme: Providing opportunities to transition from student to tutor

A Cameron, A Ezzat S H Parson A Venkatesh
Poster presented at the Annual Academic Symposium on Student Transitions: Aberdeen 2015

The Peer Assisted Learning Scheme: A Strategy for improving anatomical knowledge in Final Year Medical Students – Docendo Discimus

A Cameron, A Ezzat A Venkatesh and S Parson
Oral Presentation at Anatomical Society Winter Meeting: Birmingham 2014

Naïve student perceptions of peer teaching quality in an undergraduate medical course

A Ezzat, P Johnston and S Parson
Oral Presentation at Anatomical Society Winter Meeting: Birmingham 2014

Who says Anatomy is boring? A unique method of dissection and demonstration of the Circle of Willis and its effect on a medical student’s perceptions of anatomy

Strachan, A; Welsh, E
Oral presentation at ASME 2013

Comparison of cadaver based ultrasound techniques from clinical teaching

E Charles, J Hopkinson, R Sarma and S Parson
Regional Anaesthesia UK Annual Scientific meeting – May 2014
North East of Scotland Society of Anaesthetists Meeting 2014 – winner of  "Murray Lawson Memorial Prize"

Tomorrow’s Doctors: The Digital Generation or Strategic Learners?

A Venkatesh, F Caswell, A Denison, S H Parson
Poster presented at the Anatomical Society Winter meeting: Birmingham 2014

Moving with the Times: Lecturing in active stereoscopic 3D

A Venkatesh, I Robotham, A Denison, K Loh, S Al Haddad
Poster presented at ASME: Brighton 2014

Facilitating student feedback to support staff self regulation

Denison A, Bate E, Gerrie D, Parker F, Venkatesh A
Poster presented at ASME: Brighton 2014

Written assessments in the Year 2 MBChB – 8 steps to an inclusive exam

Venkatesh A, Bate E, Denison A, Parker F, Gerrie D, Sutherland E
Poster presented at the Annual Learning and Teaching Conference: Aberdeen 2014


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