Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships (University's main UG scholarship scheme)

As we recognise that being a student can be costly, we have scholarships for every year of undergraduate study for the length of your degree. Scholarships are awarded to students who might find it difficult to enter higher education without financial support. 

Cormack Family Foundation Gateway 2 Medicine Scholarships

Two scholarships are available. Each scholarship will be awarded on the basis of widening access criteria and financial need to a student commencing a degree in Medicine (MBChB) and who has gained access to their medical degree through the Gateway 2 Medicine (G2M) programme.

Updates on our scholarships for 2020 entry will be available soon.

Anderson Anderson & Brown Scholarship

The Anderson Anderson & Brown Charitable Initiative (AABi) is offering one scholarship. AABi was launched in 2016 and is the platform which facilitates all at AAB to be able to invest in the community.

CNR Scholarships

Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNR International Limited) and the University of Aberdeen are offering four Entrance Scholarships for undergraduate students commencing studies in 2020. 

Ian MacDonald Memorial Scholarship

Petrofac is offering one Ian MacDonald Memorial Scholarship of £3,000 per annum to an undergraduate student commencing studies at Aberdeen in September 2020 on a selection of eligible degrees.

Saltire Energy Sports Science Scholarship

Students commencing either a BSc Sports & Exercise Science degree (C600) or a BSc Exercise and Health Science degree (C603) in September 2020 are eligible to apply for a Saltire Energy Undergraduate Studentship in Sport Science.

Derek Ogston and Margaret Carlaw Music Scholarships

There are two Derek Ogston & Margaret Carlaw Music Scholarships available for students commencing a BMus full-time degree at the University of Aberdeen in September 2020.

Jim Duncan Scholarships

The Jim Duncan scholarships are open to anyone who has decided to go to University to undertake an undergraduate degree after having had a break in their education, or who are resuming their undergraduate studies at the University after an interruption, and require financial assistance. The scholarships shall initially be awarded for a two year period of the undergraduate course in order to give security to the scholars awarded.  Thereafter, the scholar may apply to have the scholarship renewed on an annual basis. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of financial need and hardship, and academic potential. Applications from medical students would be particularly welcome.

The two scholarships are valued at £2,500 each per annum. The scholarships will be awarded in time for the academic year 2020/21, which begins in September.

University of Aberdeen Development Trust Sports Bursary Scheme

The Alumni Sports Bursary Scheme runs on an annual basis and exists to assist talented individuals to maintain their high sporting standards while in full-time study, supporting up to 20 Scholars competing at or close to National level per year.