2 Cormack scholarships, 1 William Copland Scholarship and 1 Medical Class of 1969 scholarship are available. Each scholarship will be awarded on the basis of widening access criteria and financial need to a student commencing a degree in Medicine (MBChB) and who has gained access to their medical degree through the Gateway 2 Medicine (G2M) programme.


This scholarship is currently closed for applications.

Each scholarship is valued at £4,000 per annum for each year of study (i.e. a total of £20,000 for the 5 year degree).

PLEASE NOTE: It is permissible to apply for both the G2M awards AND our Entrance Scholarships Scheme, but students can only be awarded a maximum of one scholarship. Students who wish to apply for both should follow the application instructions, as noted below and on our Entrance Scholarships page.


This scholarship is currently closed for applications.

You should note that only applicants domiciled in Scotland and classified as Home Fees are eligible to apply for the Gateway 2 Medicine scholarships. Applicants must have just completed the pre-entry year of G2M and be starting first year of the MBChB programme at the University of Aberdeen in September 2019.

For the Cormack Foundation Scholarships, preference will be given to students who attended Aberdeen Access specific secondary schools. In the unlikely event this criteria cannot be fulfilled, consideration will be given to other applicants from a widening access background.


Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of socio-economic criteria, as used for entry to the G2M programme, together with any additional factors identified in your personal statement. Academic performance in the G2M year will also be taken into account.

Application Procedure

Please submit a 600 word Personal Statement highlighting any personal circumstances which could impact on your ability to study medicine. Please make sure to include your name, current Student ID number, home address and email address.

Please submit this to Dr Christine Kay, Curriculum Manager, by email


No deadline specified

Further Info

If you have any queries, please contact Dr Christine Kay, email:


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