Medicine Open Day

Medicine Open Day will take place on the 15th June 2019. This is a smaller event than the main Open Days and is located on the medicine campus (Foresterhill). It is only for students interested in applying to study medicine. Registration for the Medicine Open Day is limited, however all University Open Days will include information and activities for those interested in studying medicine and everyone is welcome! 

The guide is now available for Medicine Open Day. Have a look and plan your day. 

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Medicine Open Day Timings Overview

Please see below for an overview of the timings of the June Medicine Open Day. 

09:30 Arrive for Registration
10:00-14:00 Main sessions (see guide for details)
12:30-15:30 Hillhead Accommodation Open 
12:30-15:00 Tours of King's College Campus

If you cannot fit a visit to Hillhead Accommodation in during the 12:30-15:30 opening times, please make your way there when you can and a member of staff will show you around. 

We recommend you allow 45minutes to an hour each for campus tours and the accommodation visits. 

Shuttle Bus Timetable

If you wish to visit our King's College campus and the Hillhead Accommodation, please see the below bus timetable. We recommend you visit both campuses. First year medical students will have lessons on the King's College campus.

Departing Ashgrove Road West (Foresterhill) going to King's College  Departing King's College, High Street going to Hillhead Accommodation  Departing Hillhead Accommodation returning to Ashgrove Road West (Foresterhill)
12:30 12:45 13:00
13:15 13:30 13:45
14:00 14:15 14:30
14:45 15:00 15:15
15:30 (Drop off only)    

Medical Tours

Please note some aspects of the medicine programme have limited spaces and are provided on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to join the tours please ask at registration and a member of staff will happily show you how to book on. 


Parking is free of charge on the university campuses on weekends only. Please ensure you do not use the NHS car parks. University car parks have signs with the university logo on.