As a parent, your questions about a university might be a little different to your son’s or daughter’s. While of course, you'll want to know that your child will receive a world class education, you may also like to know more about things such as student support services, campus safety, tuition and how we cater for the overall health and well-being of our students.

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we hear from parents:

Where will my son or daughter live?

The University offers a wide range of housing options, both on and off campus. Student accommodation (housing) mainly consists of apartment (suite) style living, with each student having their own single room. Some Halls also feature private en-suite bathrooms. We guarantee student housing for all international students who apply on time!

Is there a meal plan?

As most students live in apartment style units, with easy access to a kitchen, the majority of students opt for self-catered accommodation. The University does however offer a number of catered Halls, with set meals provided throughout the week.

Is Aberdeen safe?

Like with any midsize or large city, students must be vigilant. Scotland is however considered a safe country overall and Aberdeen is ranked the safest student city in Scotland by the 2014 Complete University Guide.

What is the total cost of attendance?

The total cost of attendance consists of tuition fees and living costs. Tuition fees vary by subject area and level of study, while living costs can also vary from one student to another, based on their housing choices and lifestyle choices, but as a general guide, we recommend that US students budget approximately $32,500 (US) per year, to cover their cost of attendance. Find out more about Tuition Fees and Living Costs.

Our new Fixed Fee Structure for international undergraduate and postgraduate research students means that new international undergraduate (except those studying Medicine) and postgraduate research students commencing study from 2014/15 will be charged the same fees over their programme of study in each year of study.

Are there scholarships my son or daughter can apply for?

Our International Undergraduate Scholarship includes a full tuition waiver for your child's fourth year. In simple terms, it means that eligible students pay only for three years of their four year degree. The other great thing about this scholarship is that it is awarded automatically upon entry to the University. In other words, if your child is admitted to the University and meets the criteria, the scholarship is guaranteed upfront.

Does US Federal Aid apply?

With the exception of the MBChB Medicine, Nursing, Certificate and Diploma programmes all other full and part-time programmes are eligible for Federal Direct, Parent Plus and Graduate PLUS loans. Please refer to our US Federal Aid webpage or email the university’s US Loans Team at for further information.

Will my son or daughter require a visa?

Any international (except European Economic Area and Swiss nationals) student planning to study full-time in the UK for more than six months will need to apply for a Tier 4 visa. Find out more at

Will my son or daughter require health insurance?

International students are required to pay £150 per year of leave granted on their visa as part of the Tier 4 student visa application process. Payment of the surcharge entitles international students to access NHS care free of charge, in the same way as a permanent UK resident, including visits to the doctor and hospital treatment. International students therefore do not require private health insurance.

Are there many other international students on campus?

The University of Aberdeen has always attracted students from around the world. About 30% of the student body consists of international students. We therefore have a great deal of experience welcoming international students to our campus and helping them adjust, both academically and socially to university life in Scotland.

What Support Services does the University offer?

Student Services provides a range of support services for all students, including a comprehensive Orientation session at the beginning of each term. International students can avail of the regular student support services provided by the University, including:

  • Personal Tutors
  • International Student Advisers (Immigration)
  • International Centre
  • Counselling Service
  • Chaplaincies
  • Resident Assistants (RAs)
  • AUSA Student Advice Centre

Will my son or daughter be able to visit home during the academic year?

The academic year runs from September to May. The University of Aberdeen is semesterised, so students complete their first (Fall) semester by mid December. There is usually a month long break over Christmas, before students return for the second (Spring) semester in mid January. Second Semester includes a three week Spring vacation period, with final exams usually completed my mid May. 

How easy is it to get to Aberdeen from the USA?

The University campus is based just a 20 minute walk from the centre of Aberdeen, a city known for its diverse and thriving regional economy. Our city’s role as the Energy Capital of Europe means that we benefit from the very best of transport and travel links from throughout the world. With global air, rail and road connections, Aberdeen is also easily reachable from anywhere in the UK.

Aberdeen International Airport has excellent links to the UK’s and Europe's main airports, including London Heathrow, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris where connections can be made to most major North American airports.

Who can I talk to for further information?

Contact the North America Recruitment and Admissions Team for further information.