Give a book a new life!

Give a book a new life!

Save your used textbooks from a life of gathering dust by donating them for new students to use - for free.

Search under your bed, blow away the cobwebs, wipe off the coffee stains and gift your unwanted textbooks so that they can be recycled and pass on their knowledge.

How to donate your used or unwanted textbooks for the next generation

You can donate as many books as you like. Simply drop them off at one of the drop-off points across in Old Aberdeen, Foresterhill and Hillhead. 

Drop-off points:

  • The Sir Duncan Rice Library (Ground Floor Welcome Desk or Floor 1 Information Centre)
  • The Law Library (Issue desk)
  • Medical Library in Foresterhill (Issue desk)
  • Students' Union Building (Reception)
  • Infohub
  • Hillhead Student Accommodation (Recycling point in main building)

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