We want your ideas for Aberdeen 2040

We want your ideas for Aberdeen 2040

Dear students,

At its September meeting, the University Court approved the Aberdeen 2040 Implementation Plan to 2025.  This implementation plan outlines the high-level actions to 2025 representing significant initiatives to be taken forward over the next four years, designed to underpin and drive forward each of the 20 commitments outlined within Aberdeen 2040.

To advance this ambitious agenda, a ring-fenced Strategic Investment Fund has been created to support the generation and development of ideas from our community around the four Strategic Themes of Aberdeen 2040: Inclusive, Interdisciplinary, International and Sustainable.  We want to ensure that our work on the themes is visible and broad-based, and recognises the wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise within the University community.

To that end, we want you to get involved.  We are inviting students and staff to propose potential initiatives which will help us take forward our four Strategic Themes.  We would encourage you to be creative and ambitious in your suggestions.  Ideas could be drawn from your own area of study or research or from good practice identified in universities or other sectors.

In the case of sustainability for example, suggestions might include energy reduction interventions in the fabric of our buildings or identifying energy intensive equipment in our estate that we need to upgrade or operate differently.

We would be grateful if proposals could be submitted to finance@abdn.ac.uk by Friday 5 November. So that we can assess all proposals equally, we ask that you complete this form to describe your proposal and how it will help the University make progress in relation to the Strategic Themes of Aberdeen 2040. 

Best wishes,

Karl and David

Karl Leydecker, Senior Vice-Principal

David Beattie, Director of Finance

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