Voice-over for 'Maddie Is Online', Digital Literacy Project

Voice-over for 'Maddie Is Online', Digital Literacy Project

My name is Dalia Garcia, I'm an Evening and Weekend Information Assistant at TSDRL and during the last lockdown I had the honour of doing a voice-over for Dr Konstantina Martzoukou's (@Dinamartz) project 'Maddie Is Online', Series 3: Copyright.

'Maddie is Online’ is an online video cartoon series which addresses the everyday life experiences of pre-teen children in the online connected environment, and empowers them with skills that help them deal with challenging phenomena in their digital lives (e.g. online bullying, managing online information, copyright and ownership, privacy and security, online reputation): 

I had the pleasure to give voice to Pinachu, who is the Creative Commons expert alien from Planet Kopius. I have always been interested in copyright and anything related to it, especially after finishing my MSc Information and Library Studies, but never even dreamt of contributing to such an important project. This series will show you that art and copyright go hand in hand and, in this digital age (even more so this last year with this new imposed digital age!), it is crucial that we raise awareness among the younger generations. That is Pinachu's main role, she's supporting Miss Mason by 'holding' the book of Creative Commons. Even though Pinachu knows everything about Creative Commons licenses that there's to be known, the chapters are not a tedious lecture but a simple mention of different licenses and their general use to help everyone be familiar with the symbols and their meaning.Series 1 deals with Online Resilience and Series 2 with Misinformation and they are best watched in order to follow the character development, though the chapters could also be used separately to discuss particular topics.

For more information visit here and the Maddie is Online Blog.


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