Initial Application

All applications for clinical electives are processed through the MBChB Office, School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition.  Students should not apply directly to any departments.  In the first instance and to register your interest, please contact the University of Illinois at Rockford Liaison Officer, Dr Michael Glasser and then liaise directly with Dorothy Corriveau, University of Aberdeen Clinical Tutor.  If you are not a University of Illinois at Rockford student, please click here.

Attachments can be arranged for a MINIMUM of 2 WEEKS and a MAXIMUM of 8 WEEKS.  Requests for longer or shorter attachments will not be considered.  The period for electives for a University of Illinois medical student is September and October as University of Aberdeen medical students have priority during term times.

Clinical attachments may be available in the following departments/specialties (City or Rural and Remote):                                     

Accident & Emergency

Mental Health


Neurosciences (Neurology or Neurosurgery)


Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Diabetes and Endocrinology


Forensic Medicine

Orthopaedic Surgery



General Practice

Plastic Surgery



Infectious Diseases

Renal Medicine

Medicine – General


Medicine for the Elderly

Surgery – General

There is no formal teaching programme. Students will join in all the clinical activities and participate in teaching rounds, case conferences, etc. that are held regularly in the various units/specialties.

You should note that at the end of your placement, the University of Aberdeen will not be able to stamp or verify the content of the placement due to the changeability of the clinical environment.  However, you can have the person, whose supervision you are under fill out an assessment on how you performed. 

How to Apply:

After you have discussed your interest in completing a clinical elective at the University of Aberdeen with Dr Glasser,  please contact Dorothy Corriveau directly, who will send you an application pack.  If you are not a University of Illinois at Rockford student, please click here.