The majority of successful candidates achieve the minimum academic requirements at the first sitting. 

We do not normally consider applicants who have achieved less than our minimum academic requirements or who are re-sitting their examinations to upgrade results unless very serious personal difficulties at the time of the first sitting can be demonstrated. Appropriate supporting documentation therefore must be supplied from:

  • Academic tutors to verify very exceptional extenuating circumstances that have been declared at the time of the first sitting leading to this underachievement, plus 
  • Other professional bodies that have had appropriate involvement with the applicant's difficulties (eg hospital/GP certification).

To be considered, any serious personal difficulties experienced at the time of undertaking an examination must be declared at the time and validated immediately. This will allow for support for an academic appeal for a lower than expected result. 

This verification will only be considered following receipt by the Medical Admissions Office no later than the UCAS deadline of 15 October.

Should the Admissions Committee agree that the circumstances warrant consideration, the application will enter the selection process. The subsequent assessment of such applications will be undertaken on a case-by-case basis.

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