School Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

School Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee


Reporting to the School Executive, the School Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee supports the Head of School by ensuring the strategic oversight of equality, diversity & inclusion matters within the School.  It has responsibility for overseeing the implementation of institutional equality, diversity & inclusion-related policies within the School, including the development of School policies and practices to ensure the study and work environment for all students and staff is inclusive, tolerant and accessible. 

The Committee will work closely with the University Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee, other School-level committees and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committees in other Schools on matters of common interest.


  • To support the Head of School and School Executive in developing, monitoring and reviewing the implementation of institutional equality, diversity & inclusion-related policy and initiatives within the School, ensuring they align with the institution’s strategic ambitions and vision outlined in Aberdeen 2040 and the School strategic and operational plans;
  • To develop, implement, monitor and continually enhance School-level strategic policies and practices in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion;
  • To have oversight of the monitoring, review and enhancement of School equality, diversity & inclusion Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as outlined in the School’s strategic plan;
  • To have oversight of equality, diversity & inclusion-related action plans and accreditation processes within the School, including (but not limited to) Athena Swan and Race Equality Charter;
  • To encourage and promote understanding within the School of equality, diversity & inclusion- related issues across all protected characteristics, including mental health;
  • To encourage, motivate and support School staff to engage in data gathering exercises to support the development, review and continual enhancement of institutional and School-level equality, diversity & inclusion-related policies and practices;
  • To proactively contribute to the development of institutional equality, diversity & inclusion-related policies, including (i) considering their impact on School-level policy/practice and providing feedback accordingly and (ii) making recommendations to the School Executive in relation to implementation as appropriate and (iii) having oversight of School publicity, recruitment materials and social media outlets in the context of inclusion;
  • To have oversight of the work of sub-committees and ad hoc task & finish groups relating to equality, diversity & inclusion activities, including receiving reports and considering recommendations as appropriate;
  • To facilitate the effective 2-way flow of information between the School and University Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee and associated ad hoc working groups.
Composition and Membership

Phyo Myint

School EDI & AS Co-Lead

Asha Venkatesh

School EDI & AS Co-Lead

Siladitya Bhattacharya

Head of School

Christine Kay

EDI Lead – Institute of Education in Healthcare and Medical Sciences

Karen Scott

EDI Lead & AS Co-Lead – Rowett Institute

Malcolm Stewart

EDI Lead – Institute of Dentistry

Amanda Lee

EDI Lead – Institute of Applied Health Sciences

Jonathan Pettit

EDI Lead - Institute of Medical Sciences

Silvia Gratz

AS Co-Lead - Rowett Institute

Lois Gall

AS Co-Lead – Institute of Dentistry

Helen Anderson

AS Co-Lead – Institute of Dentistry

Amanda Lee

AS Co-Lead – Institute of Applied Health Sciences

Aravinda Guntupalli

AS Co-Lead & Race Champion – Institute of Applied Health Sciences


School Disability Champion


School LGBTQIA+ Champion

Annabelle Suemegi Student Representative - Undergraduate
TBA Student Representative - Postgraduate

Fiona Macaskill

HR Representative

Maria-Grazia Cascio

Athena Swan Officer


Widening Access Representative

Ching-Wa Chung

Decolonising the Curriculum Representative

Sarah Duncan

School Administration Manager (or nominee)

Sidra Hameed

EDI Administrator


EDI – Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

AS – Athena Swan