• Dr Jackson ArmstrongDr Jackson Armstrong
    Senior Lecturer in History, Department of History, &
    Deputy Head, School of Divinity, History, and Philosophy

  • Dr Colin  BarrDr Colin Barr  
    Senior Lecturer in History, Department of History

  • Samuel Hume
    PhD candidate in Modern History, specializing in the interwar British Commonwealth of Nations.

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  • Dr Heidi Mehrkens
    Lecturer, Department of History

  • Dr Andrea TetiDr Andrea Teti
    Senior Lecturer in International Relations,
    Department of Politics and International Relations

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  • Professor Thomas WeberProf. Thomas Weber
    Director, Centre for Global Security and Governance &
    Chair in History and International Affairs, Department of History

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  • Benjamin WhitlockBenjamin Whitlock
    PhD candidate in International History, specializing in collective identity in multinational unions.

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  • Wang Li
    HWang Lionorary Research Fellow, Centre for Global Security & Governance and
    School of Divinity, History, Philosophy and Art History; Professor, School of International and
    Public Affairs (SIPA), Jilin University, China.

Sarah Cooper Weber

Sarah Cooper Weber (M.A., B.Ed., B.A. (Hon.) formerly coordinated the Secondary School Outreach Programme of CGSG. She currently teaches History and English at the Virtual High School of Ontario. Prior to moving to Aberdeen, Ms Cooper Weber taught at the National Ballet School of Canada and at the Princeton University Writing Center. Email:

Andrew Feeney-Seale

Student Volunteer Alumni - After graduating from Aberdeen in 2011, Andrew went on to complete an MSc in European Union Politics and Law at the University of Edinburgh, followed by a one-and-a-half year stint as a researcher and speech writer at the Scottish Parliament. He now is an analyst with the Bank of England's Prudential Regulation Authority.

Hanna Emmer-ling

Hanna EmmerlingHanna studied International Relations and Legal Studies (Hons.) st Aberdeen joined the Centre as a volunteering student in 2013.

Previously she studied Management, Philosophy & Economics in Frankfurt (Germany) for three semesters and worked with GIZ. Her main interests include peacekeeping/-building, human rights and international development.

Thomas Ian Hall

Thomas Hall

Tom graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a  MA (Hons) in Politics and International Relations.

He joined the Centre as a student volunteer in 2013 and his particular interests are conflict, terrorism and security studies. 

Jamie Halle

Jamie HalleJamie Hallé is the former Coordinator of CGSG’s Undergraduate Interview Program. He graduated from Aberdeen in 2012 with a degree in History and English. Jamie is concerned with words and how they can be misunderstood and misappropriated both through literature and political media.

His research interests focused on the language and representations surrounding race, gender and sexuality in the interplay between American media and political policy. He is currently working on a novel which will misappropriate a lot of words.


Jack Keays

Jack KeysJack Keays Student Volunteer Alumni - Jack Keays graduated in 2013 from Aberdeen with a degree in Politics & International Relations.

With a particular interest in the Middle East and North Africa, his dissertation critically examined the impact of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and the biopolitical technologies governing their treatment. In addition, Jack has worked as an editor and researcher for in Tunisia and Lebanon.


Ross McLayRoss McLay

Student Volunteer Alumni - Ross McLay graduated from Aberdeen in 2012 with First Class Honours in History. Ross recently completed a Masters degree in Modern History at the University of St Andrews, with Distinction in his Dissertation.

His current research looks to examine the origins of the 'special relationship' between the United States and Israel.


Marius Mazzotti

Marius MazzottiMarius graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a MA (Hons) in Politics & International Relations. He is from Lippstadt, Germany and held a scholarship of the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation while at Aberdeen.

He joined the Centre as a volunteering student in 2012 and his interests include; German and European Foreign Policy, Transatlantic Relations and the future of European Security.

Sebastian Morck

Sebastian MorckStudent Volunteer Alumni - Sebastian graduated from Aberdeen in 2012 with First Flass Honours in History & International relations. He subsequently completed an MPhil in Development Studies at Cambridge University.

Sebastian now works as a strategy consultant, helping leading global companies across industries to develop and execute business strategy.


Alexandra Remond

Alexandra RemondFormerly CGSG’s Coordinator, Alexandra Remond graduated from Aberdeen in 2012 with a degree in Politics & IR. She now is studying towards a MPhil in International Relations and Politics at Cambridge University.

Her interests include: Ethnic conflicts, Politics in divided societies, post-conflict security and separatist issues.


Calum White

Calum WhiteCalum White Student Volunteer Alumni - After graduating from Aberdeen in 2012 with First Class Honours in History, Calum moved to Munich to work on a CGSG research project exploring the origins of National Socialism.

He subsequently was a graduate student at the University of Oxford reading Modern British and European History.


Ursula Windhab

Ursula WindhabUrsula is CGSG's former Coordinator as well as the School of Divinity, History and Philosophy's former School Support Officer.