Dr Alessandra Cecolin
Dr Alessandra Cecolin

Dr Alessandra Cecolin





PhD Iranian-Jewish Identity                      Sept. 2006-June 2013

Dept. of Languages and Culture of Near and Middle East, SOAS, London, UK.

MA Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic     Sept. 2005-Sept. 2006

Dept. of Languages and Culture of Near and Middle East, SOAS, London, UK.

BA Letters and Philosophy                     Sept.2001-June 2005

University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy.

Academic roles:

 Adjunct Professor                             Sept. 2015 -June 2017

 Dept. of History, Syracuse University London Campus, New York

Lecturer                                             Sept. 2009- August 2017

Dept. of History, Goldsmiths, London UK

Teaching assistant                           Sept. 2008-June 2009

Dept. of Study of Religions, SOAS, London, UK.



Research Overview

Political history and diplomatic strategies that characterized sixty-year relationship between Iran and Israel; wider conflict between national and religious identity for Jewish minorities living in Middle East; Islamic and Judaic shared history in Middle East, history of political Zionism; absorption of Middle Eastern Jewish minorities in Israel.

Current Research

™History of relations between Egypt and Iran between 1950 when the Shah recognized Israel until Yom Kippur War 1973; ™Iranian and Egyptian interests in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict;

Teaching Responsibilities

HI1027: Making History

SX1017: Global Issues, Global Religions

DR352S: Religious Minorities in the Middle East


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