Dr Gerard Hough
Dr Gerard Hough

Dr Gerard Hough

Admissions Selector, Senior Lecturer (Scholarship)



Before coming to Aberdeen, I studied at University College Dublin, the University of St. Andrews, and the University of Sheffield. My PhD thesis focused on the work of W.V. Quine in the philosophy of language.

My main research interests are in the philosophy of language and the history of Analytic Philosophy.

Internal Memberships

Director of Teaching and Learning, School of Divinity, History, Philosophy and Art History

Admissions Selector for the BSc UG degree programmes


Research Overview

Philosophy of Language (especially theories of reference and the semantics of belief reports)

History of Analytic Philosophy (especially the work of W.V. Quine)


Teaching Responsibilities

In 2020-21 I am teaching PH201B "What We Are: Mind in a Physical World" and PH354P "Honours Reseach Project in Philosophy".