Dr Alastair MacDonald

Dr Alastair MacDonald


Dr Alastair MacDonald
Dr Alastair MacDonald

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 273927
The University of Aberdeen School of Divinity, History and Philosophy,
Crombie Annexe,
Meston Walk,
King's College,
University of Aberdeen,
Old Aberdeen,
AB24 3FX.
Room: 103

Research Interests

One of Dr Macdonald's key research interests is Anglo-Scottish relations in the later middle ages. His doctoral thesis on Anglo-Scottish conflict between 1369 and 1403 has now been published as a monograph. This research feeds into other areas of interest, such as Scotland's place in the wider world of European diplomacy and the development and nature of European frontier societies. His main research project at present is to examine the nature and impact of war on state and society in later medieval Scotland. 


Teaching Responsibilities

  • HI 1508 Europe and the Outside World: Crusades to Indian Mutiny
  • HI 2005 Scotland and Europe: Themes and Variations, c.1200-1500
  • HI 3051/3551 War and Peace: England and Scotland, c.1072-1560
  • HI 3063/3563 Comparative Studies in Medieval Monarchy
  • HI 3074/3574 War and Society in the Later Middle Ages
  • HI 4015 Special Subject I: The British Isles in the Ages of Richard II