Getting Involved

REF 2021

1st in the UK

Divinity at the University of Aberdeen was ranked 1st in the UK for overall quality of research

Getting Involved

The Centre for the Study of Autism and Christian Community is keen to develop a wide network of people interested in questions of autism and faith.


You can get involved in several ways:

Become a research participant

For some of our projects we look for people willing to share their views on the questions we research. Sometimes we look for people who identify as autistic, sometimes for parents/caregivers of autistic people, sometimes church leaders, etc. Often these projects include different ways in which you can share your views, for example through face-to-face interviews, filling out a questionnaire, writing a journal, or a video or phone interview. If you want to participate in a project in such a way (or let us know what other means of communicating you prefer!), please get in touch!

Become a researcher

If you are interested in writing your undergraduate dissertation, writing a postgraduate paper or dissertation, or your PhD thesis on autism, or do postdoctoral work, let us know! (Please note that we currently have no funding available.) You can either contact us at the Centre’s generic email address ( or get in touch with one of our researchers with whom you would like to work.

Participate in our events

 Please see the for upcoming Centre activities.

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Give to the Centre

Funds will be used to subsidise public events and research activities. If sufficient funds are raised, the Centre will be able to provide doctoral scholarships for students interested in researching particular aspects of autism and Christian community. Click here to find out more.