Countdown to COP26

Countdown to COP26

Countdown to COP26

Review our Countdown to COP26. We provided daily videos from our team detailing how their work links with COP26 and what they hope the conference will achieve.

Countdown - Day 26

Today our Head of School Graeme Paton kicks off our Countdown to COP26.

Find out more about our MOCK COP here.

Countdown - Day 25

Today’s video comes from Dr Davina Derous, a Systems Physiologist here at SBS. She works with a lot of different species. The main one related to COP26 is cetaceans and the food available to them as a result of climate change.

Countdown - Day 24

Today’s video comes from Mark Moseley, our Welcome Trust Clinical Research Career Development Fellow who studies neglected bacterial zoonotic diseases.

Countdown - Day 23

Today's video is from David Burslem, Professor of Ecology

Countdown - Day 22

Today Professor Beth Scott, a Professor in Marine Ecology, shares her thoughts on the renewables industry.

Countdown - Day 21

Today's video comes from Fabio Manfredini, a Lecturer in Functional Genomics

Countdown - Day 20

Today's video comes from Jo Smith, Personal Chair 

Countdown - Day 19

Today's video comes from Giles O'Donovan, School Administrator - Postgraduate Research

Countdown - Day 18

Today's video comes from Kara Layton, a Lecturer and researcher in Marine Biology

Countdown - Day 17

Today's video is from Samuel Martin, Personal Chair


Countdown - Day 16

Today's video comes from Elizabeth Campbell, School Education and Outreach Officer

Countdown - Day 15

Today we have Paul Thompson, Ecologist who works at the Lighthouse Field Station in Cromarty Firth

Countdown - Day 14

In today's video we have Research Fellow, Helen Anderson

Countdown - Day 13

Today's video comes from Paul Hallett, Chair in Soil Physics

Countdown - Day 12

Today we have Research Student Sri Mulyati

Countdown - Day 11

Today we have Adam Price, Professor in rice genetics

Countdown - Day 10

Today we have Anita Shepherd, Research Fellow

Countdown - Day 9

Today our Head of School, Graeme Paton returns

Countdown - Day 8

Today we have Ana Payo Payo, a population ecologist

Countdown - Day 7

Today we have Martin Baker, Senior Lecturer

Countdown - Day 6

Today we have Astley Hastings, Reseach Fellow

Countdown - Day 5

David Fisher, Rearch Fellow joins us today

Countdown - Day 4

Today Vicky Sleight, Marine Biologist, join us

Countdown - Day 3

Stuart Piertney, Professor of Molecular Ecology and Evolution joins us today

Countdown - Day 2

Head of School Graeme Paton, rounds up our Countdown to COP 26 Calendar

Countdown - Day 1

Thanks for joining the School of Biological Sciences and our Countdown to COP26. We are sure you will agree that we have a diverse range of specialists subjects covered within the school that are connected to COP26.

Visit COP26 to find out more.