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Our Community

Here in Digital Research our aims are to:

  • Provide excellent services and support to the wider research community
  • Enhance staff and student research projects
  • Facilitate the work of other services (e.g., research facilities that rely on our infrastructure and networking capabilities)
  • Maximise value from our digital investments
  • Enhance the capabilities of external companies by facilitating their access to our resources.

We believe in collaboration and partnership working, providing the best support we can to all our customers.

Our partnerships include the following:

Research facilities


We provide a range of services to research facilities across UoA (University of Aberdeen), ensuring access to support for key research services.

University research community

We support research groups (e.g. ACHDS), and individual grants and projects as follows:

  • Input to research applications
  • Costing IT in research applications
  • Review technology requirements in applications
  • Provide advice and guidance during project development support ongoing project requirements
  • Facilitate access to key Digital Research and IT services
  • Provide review of DMPs
  • Provide access to key technologies (e.g. DaSH, HPC, and data collection tools)
  • Provide both short- and longer-term interventions to support project delivery

We listen to our customers and, where possible, innovate and make changes to accommodate the needs of the community.

CGEBM (Centre for Genomic Enabled Biology and Medicine)


CGEBM provide specialist gene analysis and training to university staff, students, and external customers.

CGEBM are a key user of our HPC (High Performance Computing), and we work closely with the centre staff to ensure our services are fit for purpose and support centre objectives and clients.

Colleagues in IT Services

The Digital Research team provide advice and guidance on and act as a gateway to other IT resources. We look at projects holistically, helping researchers make best use of all IT services.

We work with our IT colleagues to make this happen.

Research and Innovation


We support ethics, specific data requirements, contractual obligations to data, grant applications, DMPs (Data Management Plans), often requested by funders.

Teaching staff


We provide HPC Services for Teaching and Learning. Macleod is a dedicated HPC prioritising teaching requirements and building skills and confidence in next generation researchers.

We facilitate teaching staff to deliver courses dependent and benefitting from this technology.

We work with teaching staff to ensure this service is fit-for-purpose: in accessibility, prioritisation, and specification.