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About Us

The Digital Research team

To get in touch with the Digital Research team simply send us an email.

What we do

  • Support research communities and external partners to achieve impactful results
  • Deliver technology services and solutions to accelerate research: powerful computing resources, data management tools, and trusted research environments
  • Collaborate with researchers and business partners to get the best outcome
  • Offer access to an experienced and innovative team with research skills, knowledge, and understanding

Why contact us?

Planning a project

  • Submitting a grant application
  • Would like expert input at planning stage
  • Costing IT elements in your project
  • Want technology benefits built in
  • Need to work in a trusted research environment (e.g., Safe Haven, SafePod)
  • Need a secondment from a member of the team

Planning data collection

  • Want to select the right survey tool
  • Planning a bespoke application to gather data
  • Would like a survey built

Need support for data analysis and data management

  • Writing a data management plan
  • Understanding options for managing big data
  • Need to work in a trusted research environment (email Safe Haven team)
  • Want to develop a bespoke research application
  • Accelerate analysis via HPC (High Performance Computing)

Equipment/software acquisition

  • You would like to deploy new equipment or software on the network (managed device or server)
  • You would like a server for your research


  • Data protection and governance
  • Share data safely with others

Do also get in contact if you have any other digital research-related query!

For operational support or standard requests please contact the Service Desk.