Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the DaSH Team

DaSH builds on the long-established excellence in data management for data linkage research at the University of Aberdeen offered by the Digital Research Team led by Katie Wilde. Our team of clinical experts, technical and project management experts, research coordinators data analysts and information governance manager ensure that patient data is kept secure and confidential whilst facilitating researchers and industry partners to conduct critical, pioneering research in Grampian, the United Kingdom and globally.

DaSH Director: Katie Wilde

Clinical Lead: Corri Black

Operational Lead: Kate O'Sullivan

Lead Research Coordinator: Stacey Dawson

Research Coordinators: Antonietta ChaliouDiane BrownVicky Munro

Research Coordinator and Analyst: Bernhard Scheliga

Senior Analyst: Helen Rowlands

Analysts: Adrian MartinJarek Dymiter

Junior Analyst: Amal Sebastian and Michael Gent

Administrator: Charlotte Murray

Information Security Manager: Gary Cooper