Mr Amal Sebastian

Mr Amal Sebastian
Mr Amal Sebastian
Mr Amal Sebastian

Junior Analyst

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Health Sciences Building
Foresterhill Campus
AB25 2ZD

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Digital & Information Services


  • Msc Data science 
    2022 - University of Aberdeen 

    Project 1: Vehicle Emissions, Registrations and Sale Forecasts in the UK  GitHub

    Project 2: Network Of Influence On The Stock Market And Its Impact On Risk Analysis  GitHub

    • This degree included high standards of report writing, as well as presenting my work individually and in teams and practicing best coding practices with a focus on readability, maintainability, and unit testing.
  • Bachelor's in computer applications 
    2020 - Bangalore University 

    Course Includes: Java, Unix/Linux, Discrete Mathematics, Data analysis, Financial Accounting, Operating system, Data communication and network, Software Engineering and Computer Architecture.