Careers using a degree in Psychology

Careers using a degree in Psychology

Wordle of career options for Psychology graduatesAberdeen Psychology students are considered to be highly employable upon graduation. This is due to two main factors:

  1. A degree in Psychology can be applied to any career which involves people, opening up a wealth of potential job opportunities.
  2. Our Psychology programme provides you with a range of transferable skills, ranging from communication and teamwork to numeracy, that employers value.

A degree in Psychology from the University of Aberdeen provides the basis for a wide range of career choices, both in Professional Psychology and in careers with a psychological element.

Professional Psychologist

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychologists deal with a wide range of mental and physiological issues, including; depression, anxiety, learning difficulties.

Educational Psychology

Educational psychologists work with children and young people in educational settings. They might deal with issues such as; learning difficulties, disability, social and emotional problems.

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychologists tend to work within the prison service and are involved in implementing treatment programs, modifying offender behaviour and reducing stress for staff and prisoners.

Occupational Psychology

Occupational psychologists work within an organisation to improve job satisfaction and safety of individuals. This may include examination of human factors and ergonomics.

Sports Psychology

Sports psychologists engage in activities such as: counselling referees; advising coaches; helping athletes with personal development.

Health Psychologist

Health psychologists work within healthcare and help individuals deal with the psychological and emotional aspects of health and illness. They also support individuals who are chronically ill.
Careers with Psychological Element

Human resources

Human resource officers typically offer advice and help to implement organizational policies related to personnel. Their main aim is to ensure the right balance of staff within an organization, that the staff are able to work to the best of their ability and are supported adequately.

Social work

A social workers main role is to provide support to individuals and enable them to help themselves. They work with people such as young offenders; people with mental health conditions; the homeless and the elderly. Tasks might include conducting interviews, managing packages of support and counselling.


Marketing involves identifying customer demand in relation to a product or service, and improving purchase levels. This might involve analysing market research, assessing distribution, looking at product design and considering pricing and promotion.


Counsellors work closely with clients to explore feelings, reflect on past experiences and work towards a positive conclusion to their current situation. Counsellors offer clients time, empathy and respect; they do not offer advice.


Teachers work in both primary and secondary education. Their job role includes activities such as the development of lesson plans, assessment of academic progress, supervision of multiple children and organising learning resources.