Upcoming Courses and How to Book

Upcoming Courses and How to Book

Welcome to our programme of courses for postgraduate researchers!

You can find our upcoming courses below. These sessions are for registered researchers and can be booked via the course-booking system.

The schedule is subject to changes. Please always check the course-booking system for the latest information.

We look forward to seeing you at our courses!

The rest of our programme will be published in due course.

January 2024
February 2024
March 2024

16th - Introduction to LaTeX (hybrid)

6th - Tips and Advice for more Productive Academic Writing (online)

6th - Editing for your Reader: Constructing and Punctuating Sentences (online)
16th - Look After Your Mate for PGRS (online) 7th - PGRS Orientation - Welcome Event (hybrid) 6th - Introduction to Early Career Fellowships (online)
25th - Networking in a Professional Context (online) 7th - Catching breath and taking stock: Maintaining momentum through the first year of your PhD (hybrid) 13th - Analysing Qualitative Data: Introduction to NVivo (in person)


7th - PhD Milestones and Progression (Online)

19th - 3 Minute Thesis Competition  Information Session (hybrid)
  8th - Working with your Supervisor, for PhD Year 1 (hybrid) 26th - Editing for your Reader: Spelling, Paragraph Structure, Constructing an Argument (online)
  12th - PhD Milestones and Progression (online) 27th - Analysing Qualitative Data: Introduction to NVivo (online)
  22nd - 3 Minute Thesis Competition  Information Session (hybrid)  
  28th - Conference Presentations (in person)  
  28th - Assertiveness skills: How to handle challenging conversations to achieve your goals (in person)  
  29th - Dealing with Constructive Feedback and Peer Review PGR (online)  


April 2024
May 2024
June 2024
3rd - 3 Minute Thesis Competition  Information Session (online) 1st - Presentation Skills: Voice and Body Language (in person) 19th Introduction to LaTeX (Hybrid)
15th - Interviewing for your first job after the PhD (in person) 13th&14th 2-day on-campus PGR Neurodiversity Academic Writing Retreat (in Person)  
16th - 3 Minute Thesis Competition - Training Session (hybrid) 14th - Presentation Skills: Structure (in person)  
23rd - Writing a Literature Review (online) 15th - My PhD: where am I now and where am I going next? (In Person)  
24th - 3 Minute Thesis Competition Semi-Final (hybrid) 20th - Qualitative Methods: Get your Questions Answered!   
24th - Editing for your Reader: Writing a Summary and Paraphrasing (online) 21st - Presentation Skills: Storytelling (in person)  
29th - Preparing for your Viva (hybrid) 30th Impact from Research (hybrid)