The concept is simple - represent your research in a single image together with a 50 word description. The inaugural Images of Research competition was held during the May Festival 2019, hosted by the Postgraduate Research School where judges and a public audience voted for their favourite image.

Here are the winning images from the 2019 edition.

Stefanie Doebl - School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition

Image title: Unfolding stories: transforming healthcare

Image description:

Here she was standing, her story unfolding in front of her… She wanted, needed to share this story. This was why she took part in the video interviews, in the research. Like many others … She had heard of people’s journeys through the healthcare system. Fibromyalgia. “What’s that?” Long-term body pain, years until diagnosis, no follow-up, “can’t do much”, shoulder shrugs. But also “we are here for you”. This journey is confusing… frustrating… disheartening. Lost in time… and the system. So many others… Stories wanting, needing to be told. To inspire. Inspire people, inspire best care… to transform healthcare! Now.


People’s Choice WINNER
Anna Dako - School of Education

Image title: On Being Nature

Image description:

How can creative processes of nature help us rediscover the essence of being human?
This experimental journey of deep and responsive listening to the living environment has been shaping itself through movement and expressive arts experiences in Scottish landscape. Its methodological outset is to explore pathways or embodied connections to the natural world and finding one’s natural voice I processes of creative self-discovery. 
Moving with nature proves to be an integrative, sensuous and imaginative experience of the self and feeling part of nature influences not only our ecological responsibility, but also personal growth and wellbeing.