Covid-19 - Student Update - remote study & working, mental health & other support advice

Student Update - 3 April 2020

Dear students,

As we come to the end of week two on lockdown, we can reflect on how this change in our working environment is impacting on us.

It’s great to see so many of you interacting on our various social media channels, taking part in challenges and quizzes, creating content to support each other and keep spirits high. I would encourage you all to follow the Student Life Facebook page and to read your student e-newsletter which provides updates and advice to support you. 

We also appreciate that during these difficult days it can help to talk through any worries or issues you may have.  We thought it would be a helpful reminder that our Counselling service is available to both staff and students. Students can also access the Big White Wall which is 24/7 and accessed using your University email account. Advice on mental health and wellbeing is also available at MIND.

Students can also contact AUSA and also our Student Advice & Support Team which offers practical advice and help – especially with financial concerns.

Sadly, for some, working or studying at home may not always offer a happy or supportive environment. ACVO has a list of services available across Aberdeen – many specifically responding to the impact of coronavirus – where you can find information on a range of issues including domestic abuse, finance, funding and foodbanks. Our LGBTQ+ community can also contact our own network for support.

The Chief Medical Officer of NHS Scotland has written to those in the most vulnerable category, indicating the need for self-isolation including from members of their own household for 12 weeks. If you, or a member of your household, has received this notification it will present challenges. More information is available here and we would also encourage staff in this position to discuss any issues they have with their line manager. 

Finally, staff will be taking advantage of a rest day on Monday so there will be limited activity being undertaken. We do appreciate that this remains a busy time for a large number of students but would hope that any support you need for your studies can be dealt with on Tuesday.

Remember to visit our coronavirus pages here for our regular updates and FAQs. These updates include helpful tips on using our IT services at home which may be helpful as a reminder.  You can also reach us by emailing for any general questions that you have.

Best wishes and stay safe


Debbie Dyker
Acting Director of Operations


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