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    Health and safety data sheets (MSDS = material safety data sheets) and other safety-related information can be found on the internet, for example:
    • VWR International(formerly Merck) - Health and safety data sheets online for over 14,000 products - simple to use and the data sheets are well formatted, intended for the UK user and easy to read - select “MSDS search"
    • Sigma-Aldrich- you need to register to use this site but you then have access to a vast range of data sheets - look for “MSDS”
    • ReAgent - an up-to-date list of commonly used laboratory chemicals by a UK manufacturer. Please note that the PDF download automatically when clicking the individual links
    • Safety Emporium- An extensive list of sites which provide health and safety data sheets
    • ChemWatch -An excellent Australian resource of safety-related information (MSDS, risk assessment, etc.)
    • Public Health Agency of Canada- an excellent set of data sheets giving health and safety information about a range of infectious micro-organisms. (Health Canada is the Canadian government department charged with helping the people of Canada maintain and improve their health)
    • Interactive Learning Paradigms Inc- includes links to over 100 free MSDS sites on the Internet. A comprehensive site well worth trying.
    • Pesticide Information Profiles- at Oregon State University
    • NIOSH Home Page (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, USA)