SumTime: Generating Summaries of Time Series Data

SumTime: Generating Summaries of Time Series Data

Project Summary

Currently there are many visualisation tools for time-series data, but techniques for producing textual descriptions of time-series data are much less developed. Some systems have been developed in the natural-language generation (NLG) community for tasks such as producing weather reports from weather simulations, or summaries of stock market fluctuations, but such systems have not used advanced time-series analysis techniques.

Our goal is to develop better technology for producing summaries of time-series data by integrating leading-edge time-series and NLG technology.

SumTime Parrallel Corpus

SumTime-Meteo: A parallel corpus of weather data and their corresponding human written forecast texts


SumTime-Mousam Demo - Generates only Wind Descriptions


Final Report (IGR) to EPSRC about SumTime


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