RoadSafe was a collaborative project between the Computing Science Department at the University of Aberdeen and Aerospace & Marine International. The RoadSafe project aimed to build upon the expertise Aerospace & Marine International has in weather forecasting and the expertise the Computing Science Department at the University of Aberdeen has in building real world Natural Language Generation Systems.

The RoadSafe project:

  • used Knowledge Aquisition techniques to understand how humans write textual instructions for road maintenance vehicle routing
  • produced a system capable of automatically evaluating a region's geographical data combined with the weather forecast for 10'000s of points in that region to provide textual routing and de-icer spread rate instructions
  • utilised Aerospace & Marine International's expert forecasters in order to post-edit generated advisory texts and therefore improve the performance of the system

The main objective of the project was to use the advisory texts produced by RoadSafe as a guide to local councils for grit and salting applications during the winter.




External Collaborator

  • Ian Davy, Aerospace & Marine International