MSc Environmental Analytical Chemistry

This newly established taught Master's programme in Environmental Analytical Chemistry focuses on specialisation in advanced modern analytical methodology to face challenges in environmental, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industry and other related industry in R&D. A particular focus is on the use of NMR and elemental and molecular mass spectrometry for the identification and quantification of small biomolecules in complex mixtures at trace level.

Most biochemical and environmental questions can nowadays only be answered by genetics and metabolomics. Here this course focuses on the latter, ie the determination of molecules in biological and environmental samples using spectroscopic and mass spectrometric methods.

MSc Oil and Gas Chemistry

Despite growing interest in renewable resources, oil & gas continues to be the mainstay of the petrochemical industry.  Even in-spite of recent uncertainly over global oil prices.  However, what is changing with time is the nature and location of the resources which we wish to extract and utilise.  Offshore, we are continually moving to deeper and deeper waters which are more technologically challenging to access.  Different types of reservoir/resource present new challenges in terms of accessing (i.e., fracking) and processing (i.e., utilising abundant natural gas effectively).  Furthermore, as oil fields become depleted we have a responsibility to decommission in a manner which has no long term negative effects on the environment.  The key to understanding and tackling these challenges head on lies within the field of chemistry.


This degree programme aims to build on undergraduate chemistry experience and develop specialist skills applicable to the oil and gas industry both in terms of primary operations and the service sector.  A student graduating from this programme will leave with a wealth of relevant knowledge and gains hands on experience in practical techniques from dedicated laboratory practical sessions.  Students also get to take theoretical and practical knowledge and apply that in an individual research project.